May 23, 2008

Organized Shooting

Military, Law Enforcement and many civilian courses (safety training, NRA courses, Hunter’s Education, CCW, etc.) are designed for the lowest common denominator. The purpose of these programs and courses of fire is to qualify large numbers of people to meet a minimum standard, not to teach the best possible skills.

Qualifications attempt to only filter out the worst performers, ensuring that everyone passes and has been trained (at least that’s what the records claim.) “Qualified” can entail a whole range of skill levels. If the goal is get everyone qualified then the standards have to be adjusted so that everyone can.

Organized shooting, especially competition attempts to filter out the best performers. Nobody cares what an adequate performance is because the goal of organized shooting is to find what the best possible performance can be. The stress of qualification is to be good enough. The stress of competition is to be the best possible.

The only solution: Get involved in organized shooting. You don’t necessarily have to shoot competition, but you MUST participate in some sort of event that demands more than a mere qualification.

If you are an instructor qualifying is not good enough!

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