May 9, 2008

Rifle Clubs Grow in Popularity

Gun, rifle clubs grow in popularity

By Lindsay Wettach

of the Monroe Times

Dedicated hunters are faced with a serious issue when the hunting season in Wisconsin comes to a close.In the past, most hunters cleaned their guns for the last time and put them away for the winter. But there's an option hunters could exercise to continue to use their guns: becoming a member of an area gun and rifle club.

Many gun and rifle clubs are established to help inexperienced hunters develop hunting skills in the off season and experienced hunters improve reactions and accuracy. The Green County Rifle Club currently offers many sight-in days for hunters which are open to all interest parties and furnish all targets and spotting scopes.

The club is now looking to develop itself and boost active membership. The club's next big step is to become associated with HunterShooter, a group which provides clubs an opportunity to broaden their current capabilities for hunters.

John Buol Jr., a Belleville native, is HunterShooter's founder and director. HunterShooter is a national group which bases itself on real-life hunting situations, complete with life-size targets and competitive scoring. "Organized events like this keeps hunters in practice," Buol said. "Green County is one of the first clubs to run matches on a month-to-month basis.

"It's great to see hunters taking the responsibility to have their sons and daughters become responsible and safe hunters by learning the basics of hunting," Buol added. "For hunters wanting to keep their skills sharp this is a great way to stay in practice and on top of their game."

But overall, Buol hopes HunterShooter helps rifle clubs develop updated ranges for all to enjoy…

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