Aug 6, 2008

Firearms in Circulation

There was a "shocking" report about how only "10% of Americans own 80% of the guns in circulation".

I saw this broadcast and the only thing I could think was, "so what?" Pareto's Law would suggest something like that. Why are they surprised? It's a normal distribution.

As with any activity, the truly active are in a minority. How many guitars are in circulation? I bet the vast majority of guitar owners own one. Yet, a professional musician may own dozens or over a hundred. I'm sure "10% of Americans own 80% of the guitars in circulation" too.

The majority of gun owners are not active shooters. Perhaps they bought a rifle for the occasional deer hunt or for "self-defense" (but never bothered to learn how.)

If the media is whining because the active shooter/gun owner is a minority we need to remember that the active anti-gunner is a vastly smaller group. The large majority of Americans don't have a strong opinion and sit the fence. They don't join HCI or NRA.

If we accept the fact that there are 200 million guns in circulation, and also that about half of the households own at least one, and that number has been set at 80 million by various sources, we have a pretty simple equation. Eight million houses own 160 million guns. On its face that leaves 72 million houses that must be sharing the remaining 40 million guns. And that even leaves out the Republic of Texas, which is rumored to possess 1/3rd of all guns!

Logic, math, and facts have never been a deterrent to CBS or any other media outlet. The part that shocks me is that eight million/160 million thing. That's only 20 per household.

Sure wish the experts would give a breakdown of the 20. Couple of shotguns? A few 22 rimfires and a centerfire or two? Maybe a lever action woods rifle, a couple of open sighted 30s, and a few long range scoped magnums? 3 or 4 pistols, and the same number of revolvers? Add in a couple of hand me down heirlooms and you've got a well rounded household.

Consider the guitarist with a couple of acoustics, a Stratocaster or Tele for style, a pair of Les Pauls in his two favorite colors, a Jackson and Ibanez with modern "shredder" design, seven or eight string for variety, perhaps a BC Rich or Dean for something wild and a bass guitar for the low end and we're well rounded there, too.

Wonder if a "shocking" story of guitar economics is in the works, too?

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