Aug 27, 2008

Marksmanship Television

Here is a classic from the late Jeff Cooper.

As hunting season approaches, it is well to remember that it is not necessary to conduct all your rifle practice on the range. All sorts of things may be simulated at home, especially including the acquisition of position, bolt work, and the use of the sling.

One particularly good drill is to sit before the televisor with the rifle across your lap and to use the commercials for dry practice. Anytime a zero or an 'O' appears on the screen it is up to you to pick it up in your sights, press off a perfectly delivered simulation, snap the bolt and hit it again before it leaves the screen.

This is a very effective way to balance speed against precision, since you must not squeeze off a miss, but you do not know how long that zero is going to stay on the screen. I do not watch a lot of television, but I try to get in a couple of weeks of this every time before I go hunting.

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