Jan 14, 2009

Mirror on Gun Owners


I'd like you to to think about your shooting activities and consider the following.

During the season, a high school kid involved in a sport practices one to two hours a day, five days a week, and participates in at least one game a week. The lazy bench-warmer who skips practice twice a week (assuming he isn't kicked off the team), still practices three to five hours a week.

Now take a look in the mirror. When was the last time you dry practiced for an hour in a single day? Do you go to the range at least two to four times a month? How often do you compete in matches, even semi-formal contests (i.e. you keep score. Plinking doesn't count!) with your friends? Have you ever invited non-shooters, especially people in the media, to a match, or to the range? When was the last time you wrote a pro-gun letter to a non-shooting related magazine, newspaper, or TV station?

Gun owners and magazine editors are quick to complain about the Sarah Brady types stealing gun rights. As good as it is, the Second Amendment, by itself, is just a bunch of words grouped into a sentence. It is the ACTION that these words inspire that makes your rights work. Too many gun owners spend their weekends watching sports on TV, or playing golf. They dust their rifles off once a year for deer season, and wonder where their gun "rights" are going.

If YOU, as a gun owner, aren't willing to do better than a lazy bench-warmer, then why should non-shooters care? The media will only report sports that sell. If more gun owners got more active, if we start promoting shooting activities as a viable alternative to other sports, then the media will cover our activitiess. But it has to start with a look in the mirror . . . . .

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