Feb 4, 2009

Buying a New Gun for Target Shooting

"I am a beginner at shooting. I would like some suggestions on what gun to get for target shooting."

This question has been asked and answered so many times I'm convinced that new and casual gun owners are allergic to Google. More disturbing are the answers that the self-proclaimed "experienced" gun owners reply with.

This very question is absurd because it is incomplete. The phrase "target shooting" is nebulous. It is impossible for a knowledgeable person to intelligently answer without more info, and that is what makes the flippant, non-answers disturbing.

There are 10 unique disciplines (15 total medal events for men and women) for shooting in the Olympics and various International organizations recognize many more. The NRA has a dozen separate disciplines officially recognized by Classification and there over a dozen other organization formally recognizing other disciplines as well.

You want a firearm for "target shooting?" That is like walking into a sporting goods store and inquiring about which ball to buy because you are interested in playing "a sport."

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