Feb 11, 2009

Women and Shooting

The "manly" art of marksmanship. Ha!

Firearms are very democratic and anybody who will put the correct effort in can learn to shoot. Sports where women and men can't compete as equals are inherently flawed. If a small statured person is automatically at a disadvantage, regardless of skill, then what's the point? You aren't testing skill.

Chest-pounding tests of strength made sense before the dawn of the Industrial revolution, but are ancient throwbacks today. How many jobs today require excessive physical prowess?

Even the military is more concerned with physical endurance, not raw strength. The Schwarzenegger/Rambo movie image of the Special Forces soldier is myth. What is needed is an understanding of good team work, effective tactics, technology and the skill to use it, and enough endurance to keep going.

Marksmanship is like that.

Now, ladies, my question to you is why aren't more of you participating and winning? Nothing scares away ignorant Bubba-types faster than knowledgeable and skilled female shooters.

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  1. When I was shooting competitive archery, many women that started were often quickly shooting better than their husbands/boyfriends (testosterone and adrenaline are not your friends with target shooting). Often this was followed with either the men sabotaging their equipment, "losing interest" or a breakup. Not in all cases, of course, but often enough to be a pattern. And you would often see the women drop out rather than hurt his feelings ... and many who didn't have that problem who had to cut back due to taking on child rearing and house cleaning duties in addition to working outside the home (while men often worked and shot with the boys and not much else), which interfered with the time required to practice and keep up on a competitive scale (with 3 of the top 5 nationally ranked women archers in our local club, even a local shoot required dedicated practice, if you wanted to win).

    I'm sure the rifle/pistol world has much the same going on.