May 20, 2009

Shooting Skill and Talent 3

Random gun owners often have odd opinions on shooting. Here is one example.

#>Plinker<# Likewise, just because someone chooses to compete in a particular organized event means merely that they willing to limit their shooting to a given set of parameters.

This assumes that a competitor can pursue only one discipline and that's it. Most competitors I know pursue a variety of shooting, much more then the annual deer hunter. They may focus on their personal favorite during season, but they usually attend other types of events, hunt in the fall, etc. That's just it. The person who bothers himself with competition really likes to shoot, is willing to work at it and, most important of all, knows how to improve.

Besides, what's wrong with being a specialist? Wouldn't you prefer a heart specialist operating on you during a triple bypass?

If the "given set of parameters" meet your goals, then you need to talk to that person. The Sporting Clays shooter may "limit" himself to shotguns, but if shotgunning is your goal that's the guy to talk to. The shooter "limiting" himself to HunterShooter events will know more about field shooting than your average hunter. I don't go to Sporting Clays ranges to discussHunterShooter events, and I normally don't talk about scattergunning at HunterShooter events.

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