Jun 10, 2009

Go for the Ink

Alan Korwin, of Bloomfield Press, the "gun law guy", has this to say about Tactics That Work:

Go for the Ink — in the Letters to the Editor Column
Even if they don't run 'em, the editors have to read 'em, and they have some effect. If they're not running 'em, find out why, change your style, get better, get ink more. Try a one- or two-liner, very effective when you dream up good ones.

That first line is most poignant. I've lost track of the folks who never bother to submit letters or press releases because they believe (sometimes wrongly) that the editor is anti-gun and won't run them and nobody will read them. Balderdash, on both counts! The main reason you don't see more pro-gun content is because so few people bother to send anything in.

An excellent, common sense guide, also at Mr. Korwin's site, http://www.gunlaws.com/FiveMinutesToFreedom-Haupt.htm is an exellent read.

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