Jul 15, 2009

The Ten Percent of Shooting

The Ten Percent of Shooting

Complaints about trick gear found in organized target shooting are usually the refuge of the incompetent.

Admittedly, this stuff makes a difference. If it didn’t then nobody would create or use it. However, it makes much less of a difference than most people realize. Ten percent seems to be the “magic” range.

Now, to a top end competitor, ten percent is a huge margin. That’s 30 points over a 300-point course. For example, the cut off to make the “President’s Hundred” over the 300 point President’s Match is usually somewhere in the mid to high 280’s. Shooting perfectly but losing even five percent due to equipment will ensure missing the cut off.

However, that means highly skilled field shooter with “regular” gear can shoot an equal score on the same course of fire as a highly skilled target shooter with all the trick gear, allowing for about a ten percent difference in the score.

So, if you truly believe that target shooters are only good because of their trinkets and that you are just as skillful, then you should be able to show up to a bullseye-type match and come within about ten percent of the top competitor. For a 300 point course that a Master-level shot routinely cleans, shooting your deer or small game rifle in your regular hunting clothes, you should score above 270 points if your skills are truly up to par.

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