Jan 15, 2010

Shooting schools vs. Competition

Most of the "fixed site" shooting classes and schools are for defensive type shooting. Probably because most red-blooded, John Wayne-watchin', handgun-ownin' folks want to go to fightin' school 'cause they done already learned how to shoot and don't bother with that fancy pants competition stuff that'll just getcha killed.

So they go to "fightin' school"... and end up learning the fundamentals of practical shooting that any half-decent competition shooter already practices and knows.

One thing I liked about Front Sight was their attention to fundamentals and even offering "just shooting" (Skill Builder) courses to focus on them. Too few schools bother with skill evaluations. Front Sight requires that students shoot a "Graduate" or sometimes a "Distinguished Graduate" score in order to attend more an advanced course. FS holds Skill Builder courses to further train and retest students before advancing. Candidates at the Instructor Development course are expected to perform at the DG level on demand.

For pure shooting and gun handling skill most of the top-flight competition folks offer classes that are superior. And, as always, the most cost effective approach is to attend local events. Skilled, local competition shooters will very likely be more talented than the staff of even the best "fightin' school" and you can take "lessons" from them at every event for MUCH less money!

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