Aug 16, 2010

USAR Rifle Team at the Nationals

USAR Rifle Team at the Nationals

Where the Interservice Rifle Championships compile the best rifle marksman in all the US services, the Nationals are open to all. Law enforcement and civilian shooters compete equally in this World Series of marksmanship. These events consist of a series of rifle National Match Courses. The rifle NMC consists of four stages of fire, shot from 200 to 600 yards from Standing, Sitting, and Prone. Fired with a total of fifty rounds, the NMC is worth a possible 500 points and 50 X's.

The US Army Reserve team had a number of impressive wins. Among the most amazing at the National Trophy Rifle Matches were the individual championships garnered by Army Reserve Career Counselor SFC Norman Anderson.

Team matches are considered by many to be most important because a good performance there helps the whole team. SFC Anderson shined during team events and was recognized multiple times for his efforts. The Pershing Trophy is awarded to the top member of a team, ranked as individual results, of all competitors who fired on eligible teams in the National Trophy Team Match. SFC Anderson took this with 496 points and 16 X's. The Rattlesnake Trophy recognizes the top Army shooter during this event so SFC Anderson won this as well.

The top Reservist shooter of the National Trophy Individual Rifle Match is awarded the Citizen Soldier Trophy. SFC Anderson took this with a 490 – 12.

The Mountain Man Trophy recognized the top National Trophy Matches Individual Champion, which is the overall highest scoring individual competitor in an aggregate of the Presidents, National Trophy Individual and National Trophy Team Matches. SFC Anderson's 1283 – 38 also took top honors here.

Finally, there is the Overall Individual Service Rifle Aggregate, which compiles the individual scores from the President's, NTI, NTT and Hearst Doubles Matches – in other words, all service rifle events in the National Trophy Rifle Matches. SFC Anderson posted an aggregate of 1580 – 48 to win this.

Naturally, with a star like SFC Anderson, the rest of the very solid USAR Rifle Team can be expected to have an equally impressive finish. The main USAR Rifle team, USAR Gold took the Celtic Chieftain Trophy, which is awarded to the Reserve Component teams in the National Trophy Infantry Team Match. USAR Gold consisted of Team Captain MSG Mark Bearnson, Team Coach SGM Neal Dickey, and firing members SFC Anderson, SGT Atkins, SFC Dorosheff, SGT Farro, SGT Friend, MSG Withus.

Aug 15, 2010

USAR Pistol Team at the Nationals

USAR Pistol Team at the Nationals
The Interservice Championships represent the pinnacle of marksmanship within the US military. The Nationals are open to everyone, including law enforcement and civilian shooters. For shooters, this is the World Series.

As always, the US Army Reserve was well represented there. Starting with individual accomplishment the star of the USAR pistol team at this year's nationals was MSG Robert Mango. MSG Mango took the U. S. Reserve Memorial Trophy, which is awarded to the top shooter among all Reserve competitors, including Air Force, Army, Marine Corps and Navy. This is awarded during the National Trophy Individual Pistol Match for the first place Reserve competitor.

MSG Mango also finished very high among the entire field of 580 competitors, earning a fourth overall in the Individual Service Pistol Aggregate and a fifth Individual National Trophy Pistol Aggregate.

On the team side, USAR Black posted a respectable fourth overall finish in the National Trophy Pistol Team match. USAR Black consisted of Team Captain LTC Toler and firing members MSG Mango, SFC Spencer, SSG Rosene and CPT Sleem.

Aug 14, 2010

USAR Rifle Team at Interservice Rifle Championship

2010 Interservice Rifle Championship

Just as with the Interservice Championship for conventional pistol, all the military services send teams for a rifle championship as well. Shot at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia, the Interservice Rifle Championships represents the best conventional rifle shooters in the US military. The rifle National Match Course consists of four stages of fire. At 200 yards competitors shoot slow fire from the standing position and rapid fire from sitting. Rapid fire has the shooter begin standing and as the targets appear, adopt a solid sitting position firing two shots, reload the empty rifle and reengage with eight more rounds all within 60 seconds. Moving to the 300 yard line shooters fire prone rapid similar to sitting rapid but further away and in 70 seconds. Finally, shooters move all the way back to 600 yards and shoot slow fire from the prone position.

The US Army Reserve team managed some impressive finishes. During individual competition, SGT Kristoffer Friend posted a 200 – 10 for the win during the Prone Slow Fire match. Fired at 600 yards, SGT Friend not only scored a perfect 200 points with all twenty shots fired but landed half of them inside the center X-ring!

For team competition, the USAR team managaed a respectible third place overall. The rifle team representing the entire US Army Reserve at this year's Interservice consisted of Team Captains LTC Jon Casillas and SGM Neal Dickey, Team Coaches SFC Norman Anderson and 1SG Mark “Bear” Bearnson, and firing members SGT Atkins, SFC Dorosheff, SGT Friend, SGT Smith, SFC Anderson, SGT Farro, MSG Withus, SFC Stauffer, SSG. Gervasio, 1SG Valasek.

Aug 12, 2010

USAR Pistol Team at Interservice

2010 Interservice Pistol Championship

The US Army Reserve Pistol team was well represented at this year's match. Shot at Fort Benning, the Interservice Pistol Championship is open to shooting teams from all military services. These teams represent some of the best marksmanship talent in the world.

For 2010 the main Reserve team, USAR Black, took first place in two of the overall team championships. In conventional pistol shooting, team events take the aggregate of four shooters firing against the challenging pistol National Match Course. This course consists of thirty rounds worth a possible 300 points - 30 X's. Pistol NMC starts with ten rounds slow fire at 50 yards. Moving to the 25 yard line, shooters fire Timed and Rapid strings, five rounds in twenty and ten seconds respectively, for a total of ten rounds each. All shooting is unsupported and with one hand only.

With a combined score of 1166 – 42 USAR Black won the Center Fire Team Championship. This event requires an accurized centerfire pistol. Team members of USAR Black were SFC Sanderson, MSG Mango, SSG Rosene, LTC Toler, SFC Spencer and CPT Sleem.

Of particular note was the amazing score posted by SFC Keith Sanderson, who fired a 298 – 19!

USAR Black also took top honors in the .45 Caliber. Team Championship with a score of 1160 – 48.

Aug 1, 2010

Bolt-Guns Beat Semi-Autos in Rapid-Fire

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But shooting isn't "spectator friendly."


The REAL reason shooting sports aren't more popular is that the organizations that allegedly promote marksmanship have failed to draw significant interest. Over eighty million people own guns in America, but so few participate in, or are even aware of, any form of organized shooting.

Don't blame Sarah Brady on this issue because Wayne LaPierre is at fault here!