May 6, 2011

Army Learning Management System (ALMS) comments

I HATE many of the Army's mandatory online courses! The idea of online courses is great, but the Kindergarten approach of mandatory video/multi-media viewing is STUPID. This slows anyone with a room-temperature IQ or higher because humans read about three times faster than they speak.

Sometimes, I don't have a good high-speed Internet connection available or am on a Linux machine that doesn't run Windows software. Other times, I would rather read and learn off line.

How about offering a text-only version of the tests along with a PDF text book of the task and learning objectives? There are a few Soldiers left that are literate and capable of learning and passing a test from text book instructions. We don't all require spoon feeding via cartoons or movies.

Oh, and the last-minute suspense dates from units given for completing these online classes needs to stop NOW!

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