Jul 5, 2011

Ted Nugent on Hunting Marksmanship

Ted Nugent weighs in on marksmanship and its importance to hunters.

The HunterShooter program was created to develop and promote effective field marksmanship for big game hunters. The lack of shooting skill for any hunter demonstrates a lack of preparation and respect for the hunted animal. Ted Nugent echoes this sentiment:

“Accountability is right up there with safety and the law! The same basic principle applies to all “projectile management”, really. Whether it’s arrows from my bow, rocks and marbles out of my wristrocket slingshot, BB’s from my Red Ryder, handguns, open sight rifles or scoped target guns, good marksmanship will only come with certain and intense disciplines.

HunterShooter is the only formal discipline promoting field marksmanship for hunters. Follow Uncle Ted’s advice and get involved today.

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